Unprecedented times. Challenging times. Flattening the curve. Quarantine. Exposure. Contact tracing. Essential service worker. Vaccinations. Zoombombing.

All phrases or words we have used over the past 15 months at work as communication professionals and in our personal lives. One day, I hope to rid these words and phrases from my vocabulary!

We all know the importance of effective communications and it quickly became apparent how crucial your role has been during this global pandemic. We were on-call at all hours of the day, seven days a week. We were tasked with creating clear and timely messaging for families and staff. We were the ones having to share the news that there was a potential COVID-19 exposure, or worse, an outbreak at the school.

Yet, here we are approaching the end to another school year. You did it! You were able to navigate a pandemic while also promoting the good news in your school board, help create and implement a communications strategy for the annual budget, or manage a community engagement project. Bravo!

While we’re on the topic, don’t forget to take the time to submit your BRAVO! Award (see what I did there?). You have some time to submit a communications project you are particularly proud of. For more information, check out our new CACE website!

Thank you to those that participated in our online workshops this past year. I hope you had the chance to learn something new that you can add to your communications toolbox. We’ve got more exciting sessions planned for next year.

Next up is our annual general meeting to be held in the fall. We are planning for this to be online once again. The executive is optimistic that the annual in-person national conference will return in 2022.

This past year in particular has been challenging for us all and I hope that you have been taking the time to monitor your physical and mental health. I’m hoping the downward trend in COVID cases and increasing vaccination rates continue throughout the summer so that we may begin the 2021-22 school year as we did pre-pandemic. Only time will tell.

Enjoy your summer break!

Dale Burgos