Happy New Year… or is it?

On behalf of the CACE Executive, Happy New Year. We trust that 2018 will be a great year for you!

On the other hand, we’re already halfway through the current school year, since the ‘other’ new year started way back in September. No doubt, your work has been busy supporting your schools and jurisdictions with a variety of great initiatives, connections with your community as well as dealing with challenges and difficulties. Just part of the life of an education communicator!

I believe that education communications is becoming even more critical. We are a growing profession with more and more jurisdictions seeing this as a key role in their organizations. Much of that is because of the good work they see our members doing for their jurisdictions. The range of priorities and issues in education relies on strong communications now more than ever. Our profession brings new perspectives that sometimes get overlooked and we truly add value to the organizations we serve.

For many of us, we do this in very small shops, often by ourselves. To me that underlies the importance of CACE as your professional organization. The opportunity for networking, collaboration and sharing truly sets us apart as individuals and professionals. We have each other’s backs, care about each other and are proud to share the work we do.

As we look to the future, CACE continues to seek ways we can enhance our member’s experiences to truly capitalize on these valuable assets. Your involvement in setting and supporting that direction is absolutely essential.

So whether it’s a new year or halfway through, thank you for the incredible work that you do every day…and for your support of CACE.

Bruce Buruma, President

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