The CACE executive made a strategic decision to “build up our bench strength” by contracting a part-time Executive Director. We need a person to help “get the jobs done”– to make CACE a stronger and better organization. The Executive Director will also provide consistency and a ‘face of CACE’ for members, sponsors, and our partners.

Let’s be clear, we will still rely heavily on our executive, membership, and volunteers to do much of the work. But by having a point person there to guide our work, we believe we will achieve more.

We will be counting on a person whose commitment for education communication will see them strive to do the most they can. It should be a fun job, but a busy one too…likely somebody who has been involved in CACE in the past, still appreciates those connections and is committed to meeting the needs of members. Given those needs, it wouldn’t be a position for someone who is currently working full-time.

While the CACE executive has budgeted $20,000 for the 12-month contract position, the intention is that the individual will ‘earn their way’ over time. This will be achieved through enhancing our relationships with sponsors and other partners. We want to increase the membership in CACE across the country with help from our own members. A priority will be to enhance our conferences, resources and professional development programs. We will need to take a close look at our business model to ensure sustainability. Being actively engaged with our membership will also be an important responsibility.

A Position Profile is available here with an anticipated start date of May 30. We are looking for the very best talent we can and encourage CACE members to share this opportunity with candidates they believe will do the best job possible.

This really is about CACE meeting the needs of our members and achieving our potential. We welcome and appreciate support from our CACE members as we move forward in this new exciting direction.

In building up bench strength, sometimes it’s a player, sometimes it’s the coach. For CACE, we believe an Executive Director will make a real difference in helping us go all the way!

If you have questions or want to share your thoughts about this new direction, give me a call or shoot me an email.

Bruce Buruma, CACE President
[email protected]