CACE History

The Canadian Association of Communicators in Education (CACE) was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1984, as a result of an initiative of the  Association of Large School Boards in Ontario, (later called the Ontario Public School Boards Association – OPSBA), and with organizational assistance from the Canadian Education Association (CEA). The major goal of the new organization was to provide networking opportunities for its members and acknowledge their contributions to the success of the educational system in Canada. CACE’s first annual conference was also held in Winnipeg one year later, and consecutive conferences have been held each Fall in major cities across the country.

A bilingual organization, CACE represents communications professionals who work in private and publicly-funded school boards, colleges and universities, teachers’ associations, and government departments and ministries.


Description of the logo

The logo was created to reflect the nature of the organization. The circular nature of the logo represents the globalization of education where the leaf imposed on the book clearly identifies the Canadian education system. The stylized circle represents the progressive approach and evolving field of education communications.

The logo was created in March 2004 by the Communications Department at Elk Island Public Schools in Alberta.