Good morning CACE members,

We are less than two months away from the application deadline for the 2021 BRAVO! Awards, presented by SchoolBundle. We recognize that many of you have not had a chance to develop and implement a comprehensive, strategic communications plan. This may impact the ability to submit an application for the Communications Program/Project category. We also acknowledge that those submissions require more time.

This morning, I wanted to take a moment to focus on the Coup de Coeur.

The Coup de Coeur category allows applicants to submit a single communication piece for which they are proud of (e.g. brochure, logo, promotional item, flyer). Also, a school district can submit as many Coup de Coeur entries as they would like.

Unlike the categories for Communication Piece and Communication Program/Project, entrants are only expected to submit an overview that includes the following elements: Goals and Objectives, Audience, Resources (human and financial) and rationale as to why you think your submission is a Coup de Coeur.

Entries in the Coup de Coeur category are recognized if they meet or surpass an 80% threshold.

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