Eighty-seven delegates attended the Charlottetown 2015 “Sharing Our Stories” conference in Charlottetown October 18th to 20th. Setting the pace for energy, fun, and extraordinary networking was the Saturday afternoon Amazing CACE Race. Well over 40 CACE members ran, jogged, or walked for two hours all over Charlottetown. There were plenty of opportunities for engaging conversation as teams competed in challenges ranging from potato peeling to ice cream tasting. Culminating in a lobster feast at the wharf, we were ready to learn on Sunday morning. The storytelling theme threaded its way through keynote presentations and workshops and into networking conversations. Our BRAVO gala dinner provided the perfect launching pad for the new BRAVO insignia and celebration of our BRAVO award winners. There was steep competition with baseball and the election, but many stayed to dance and enjoy excellent music following the dinner. The closing keynote, singer, songwriter, and story-teller, Dave Gunning had us leaving the conference on a “high note.”

Victoria Miles captured a few of the highlights from the conference with comments from those who attended.

CACE 2015 The Best Part from CACE-ACACE on Vimeo.